We continue our interview section with Blindaxe players. We have decided to focus on a great goalkeeper, and a friend of us too, who has helped us from the beginning and we owe a lot.

Diego Rivas Rego, known as Diego Rivas (Narón, May 27, 1987) is a 25-year-old goalkeeper currently in Elche Football Club after passing through several major teams in recent years, as the RCD Coruña and CD Lugo.

When does your passion for football begins? Tell us about your sports career.

Since childhood, both at school and in the park with my friends. I was always near a ball because that was one of the things that amused me. My first “serious” team is a football school that was established in Ferrol for lower grades, some kind of academy, because they are not compete. My first team was San Pablo in Ferrol, now non existing club, moving in junior age to Narón Balompé. I later signed to Racing de Ferrol, where I passed through all lower categories up to the first team. Because of the lack of opportunities, I decided to go to Narón Balompé again, which at that time was active in 3rd Division (and where I shared team with the great architect of this company, Simon). After two good years I signed to Deportivo La Coruña to play in their second team, and two years later left to CD Lugo. Finally, this summer came to Elche.

In the last years you have lived an upward trend, which gradually puts you in the elite but a goalkeeper evolves or stalls its progression?

Evolves, of course. Being a goalkeeper is not something apart from personal life or sports. I think you always learn new things, every day is an opportunity to do it and as a goalkeeper I approach it. The closer you get to the elite means the resources, material an professionals, are supposed to be better and that helps even more to recycle and improve.

In your experience after playing in many categories of national football, how would you describe the differences between them from the goal line?

Yes I have learned in all of them, each one has its own characteristics, but from what I have seen, the intensity is higher as you get closer to the elite. And mistakes are more expensive, even more in the case of the goalkeeper. A small error in a tight, escaping a couple of feet away from your body: in some categories, nothing happens, and in higher ones it means a goal.

Contact injuries or blows to the tibia are common in goalkeepers?

Maybe not as common as in a field player, but can you be beaten and it is important to be well protected. For example in a save to intercept a pass inside the area.

Do you think wearing carbon fiber shinpads Blindaxe sport increases your safety in games?

Yes, you know that any blow to that area will be almost negligible. I’d like to highlight the lightweight comfort you feel wearing them

We know you have a barely customized model, but tell us what you wear in your  shin guards and why?

I just put my name and a Galician flag. I like to feel my land and everything it represents near (family, friends, memories …).

After having weared two models in past years, do you dare to think about a new design for next year? haha

That’s something I have been thinking about, and if this year we manage to reach the target and promote, I’ll have to make a new design for next season

 Finally, thank you for trusting Blindaxe sport since the beginning and good luck in promoting to First Division, it is becoming closer!

Thank you very much for those good wishes and for the wonderful treatment that I know you give to your customers.