Toni Calvo

Full name: Antonio Calvo Arandes

Date of birth: 03/28/1987 (Age 25)

Place of birth: Barcelona

Nationality: Spain

Height: 171 cm.

Weight: 65 Kg

Position: Midfielder

Current team: Anarthosis-Cyprus

Hi Toni, I will start this interview by asking about the situation in Cyprus at a social level, after some complicated days as we could see through media

Hi Simon. Well, the truth is that these are difficult days for the Cypriot people, there is a crisis, but I hope it comes to a good end, because in this situation we are all affected. Perhaps foreigners really know the severity of the problem, but I personally always read the Spanish press and every day ask teammates about new developments in the negotiations between Cyprus and the EU.

 Well, after this brief introduction of the Cypriot situation I think it would be interesting to you to tell us how did  a player with such an extensive experience as yours came to that league?

I´ve been away from my country for 6 years , I’ve played in leagues such as the Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, and now I’m in Cyprus. A player is a globetrotter, few people are fortunate enough to play his entire career with one club. And though I’m still young (25 years), I still hope to return to play in my country, I don’t know when but I wish it a lot.

 After having experienced other European leagues, how do you see football so far from home? Tell us how this Cypriot league is in terms of infrastructure, football level, economic .. etc, compared to the Spanish league.

 The football abroad is very different from what I was used to, but I quickly adapted .. The Cyprus League is a good league, can not compare with the Spanish but is a good league, this year we are struggling to win the championship so next season we can play Champions League … The level of football is good, there are 6 or 7 teams that have quite a good level … in an economic level it’s ok so far, in my team we are a month and a half late on payments but they are paying. There are other teams here in Cyprus that have very big problems financially, but in my club there are not many problems

 Focusing in Blindaxe Sport shin guards, How did you come to know of our existence?

Well, it was an afternoon watching reruns of Punto Pelota on Youtube, and I saw the report they made about you and I loved the idea. Then I went on your website and I found a very good job … I had been thinking for a while about getting a good shin and when I saw your article, I had no doubt.

 Do you think football players  give importance to the protection of their legs when it comes to shin pads?

 I think sometimes we are not aware of having a good shin. It also depends on the tastes of each player, some players feel more comfortable with very small shins, some players have soft plastic shin. It depends on each player, but in my case, I prefer a good shin guard, I feel more secure and if I can customize it and put up a photo of my wife and my son, even better! J

 We know sometimes players are superstitious with their material, but it was easy for you to know how you wanted to customize your new shin guards?

 It was clear for me, my wife left her home when she was only 18 years to live with me in Greece and a few years later gave me the best gift you can give a man, being a father, I have a wonderful 3 years old son. Well, the truth is that both my wife and my son are the most important people in my life and I wanted to somehow take them with me when I’m playing a football game, and with your help I could get it.

 How do you see the future? Returning to our football or playind around the world for some more time?

The future? Nobody knows what will happen … I have one more year of contract in Anorthosis, I’m comfortable here, but it is true that the greatest illusion that I have, is to return to Spain to play in 1st Division.

 Finally, something more to say?

 Finally I would like to thank you for the magnificent shins you have done for me, and the treat you have given me. I encourage everyone to try Blindaxe shins. Many greetings and thanks.